The Psychology of Plant Decoration: How plants affect well-being at work and at home

Indoor plants are more than just decorative elements. They play a crucial role in improving our psychological well-being, both at work and at home. In this post, we explore how green growth impacts our daily lives.

“Plants are more than just ornaments; they are tiny messengers of nature that fill our surroundings with life and bring peace to our souls.”
Jane Goodall

Why Is Plant Decoration Important?

1. Reduced Stress and Improved Task Performance

Studies suggest that indoor plants can reduce psychophysiological stress and improve task performance in workplaces. Plants near an employee's desk are associated with fewer sick leaves and increased productivity.

2. Improved Mood and Human Relationships

Green, leafy plants, such as ficus trees and ferns, are particularly effective in improving mood. Their presence also seems to improve human relationships, making them ideal for both office and home environments.

3. Recharging Mental Energies

Knowledge-based work can be mentally exhausting. Indoor plants help relieve stress and recharge mental processing capabilities, thereby improving thought-intensive work.

4. Increased Creativity

The presence of indoor plants is correlated with improved creative thinking. This benefit is useful not only in professional environments but also in personal life for problem-solving or creative hobbies.

5. Optimal Number of Plants

Psychological research suggests that it is generally sufficient to have one or two plants visible in our environment. Too many plants can cause stress, so it's recommended to keep their number in balance.

6. Real vs. Artificial Plants

Interestingly, realistic artificial plants can offer similar psychological benefits as real ones. However, the key lies in their realistic appearance.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating plant decoration into our workplace and home spaces can significantly improve our mental well-being and productivity. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating an environment that fosters our psychological health.

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