Creator of Liveable and Nurturing Environments

Refresh your workplace atmosphere with plant decoration!
Increase energy levels, concentration, and improve mood and health.

Our Services

Plant Decoration

Plant decoration significantly improves the appearance and ambiance of your home or office space.
Plants have a beneficial effect on health and mental state.
Their presence and appearance reduce stress, increase concentration, and improve mood.

Plant Maintenance

Entrust us with the care of your plant-filled home or office.
Our experienced professionals provide personalized plant maintenance services that include watering, fertilizing, pruning, and protection against diseases.

Green Wall & Vertical Garden

Add a new dimension to your home or office.
Bring the living world indoors and enjoy the health and mood benefits offered by plants!

Pot Sales

We offer top-quality German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese design pots for our customers.
Choose from exclusive brands such as Lechuza, Elho, MyYour, Euro3Plast, Fleur-Ami, or Artevasi to make your home or office even more stylish!


Creators of Livable and Nurturing Environments

- Our mission is to create indoor and outdoor environments that establish harmony between nature and the built environment. Our team of experts is committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance well-being, reduce stress, and increase creativity and productivity for our clients.

- Since 1988, our company has actively contributed to the flourishing of downtown Budapest residents, its cultural institutions, as well as its rapidly multiplying offices and hotels.

- The opening of MÜPA and the National Theater, as well as the regular New Year concerts at the Opera House or the rooftop garden of the Paris Court Hotel, have been as much a highlight for us as the recognition received at the 'Office of the Year' contest and the complete plant decoration commission for the Planet 2021 Sustainability World Exhibition.










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